Specialising in producing engaging & brand defining Film content, Creative Moose is a full-service creative agency located in Coffs Harbour NSW.

Creative Moose is a full-service video production agency specialising in creative web and commercial videography. We’ve worked with Brewery’s, Deli’s, Sports Centres, Singer/Songwriters, Cafe’s, Training Courses andeven weddings in our short 18 month history, creating brand defining film content for various platforms. We’ve produced TV Commercials, Web Videos, Facebook Videos, Training Courses and Wedding Films.

We’re local filmmakers in Coffs Harbour, but we travel as far as Sydney, Brisbane and Inverell. If you’re interested in hiring Creative Moose for any video work, please give us a call or enquire via our Contact Page.

Creative Moose is not only involved in commercial videography, but we’re also heavily involved in the local film industry. We want to see more and more young filmmakers in Coffs Harbour given exposure to the Australian Film Industry, and that starts at a regional level in Coffs Harbour If you’re interested in working with Creative Moose on some upcoming Short Films, contact us today and find out more about what we’re doing in the local community.


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