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Video Production

Smarttek is a national brand in the camping/caravanning industry since 2013. They have become Australia’s largest manufacturer of portable hot water systems.

Most impressively, Smarttek has grown into the brand they are today without any online presence. In 2019, the managing directors engaged Moose Creative to build their digital presence from scratch.

Our approach was the following:

First we did some basic brand development. This included graphics, photography, video production and web development. Once we had a strong brand to work with, we began a digital marketing campaign to increase website sales.

In April 2020, Smarttek’s online sales were $5400. We launched our digital marketing campaign in May, and grew their online sales to $25,000 during the month of May.

By September 2020, Smarttek had made more money online than they had made in the entire year previous.

We continue to work with Smarttek on their marketing and media. Above is an example of a 30 second video we made for their digital marketing campaign, in a 1:1 ratio for social media, along with some photography below.

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