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Social Media Marketing

Moose creates strong Social Media Marketing campaigns that deliver consistent results across e-commerce, tourism and high-ticket products.


Our approach to Social Media Marketing follows some of the biggest social media agencies in the world. By keeping our finger on the pulse across social media trends and digital innovations, we are able to continuously deliver high-quality campaigns.

Moose’s social media expertise has helped our clients increase revenue and build strong online profiles by using highly-targeted, memorable and validated content strategies. Our world-class team of content creators have worked on Documentaries, Ad Campaigns and Feature Films and we bring that high level of expertise to the forefront of digital communications for brands such as: Koala, MYOB, Bunnings, Reece, BOC, Smarttek and Tripod Coffee.


We offer social media marketing strategies and implementation for small – mid size businesses looking to grow their traffic, leads and conversions through channels such as: Facebook and Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Youtube Ads and LinkedIn Ads.

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Video Production, Photography, Marketing Strategy
Video Production, Social Media Management
Video Production, Social Media Management

How we drive growth: Content, Offer and Strategy


Our philosophy for driving consistent results is: Content, Offer and Strategy. By understanding your audience, we are able to create highly engaging content (videos, photos, carousels, graphics, copy and promos) that speak directly to your client/customer at the right time. Once we’ve got their attention, we sell them with your Offer. Because we understand what your audience wants and needs, we are able to craft the perfect offer. Our content and offer come together to form the top level of your strategy, which is underpinned by the business goals. It’s worked for over fifty clients in the past three years, and it will work for you and your brand!


“Moose Creative Agency helped us triple our online sales. They’ve added what no other agency has managed to get right: content!
Adam – Player Development Project.


Social Media Marketing is not a cost, it’s your biggest revenue opportunity!


If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency to look after lead generation, you should insist on working with an agency that believes every dollar of ad spend should be hard at work, always. Paid Ads is not a cost to your business, it’s an opportunity for growth. If it’s costing you money, something has gone wrong.


Moose’s team of digital experts specialise in Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Linkedin advertising. Our Content marketing teams drive more site traffic, while our conversion rate optimisation offerings entice users to convert. This is a full-service product ready to scale your online presence and drive consistent growth through highly-targeted, memorable and validated content strategies.


“In just one campaign, the team at Moose were able to 5x our best ever month of sales in just 3 weeks. That was a profit of over $20,000.
Greg – Smarttek.”


We’re here to get you results, to drive consistent growth and revenue for your brand. Our focus is—and will always be—on creating the most social media marketing campaigns possible. We will utilize digital marketing trends, new and emerging content channels and high-converting marketing strategies to ensure you are getting the best possible ROI.

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