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The emergence of social media has seen a new platform develop where businesses can engage with their audience in new and innovative ways. Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest are free places to market your business, and if you do it right, your business can benefit greatly.

You’re more likely to get engagement through Social Media if you use Visual Content. People tend to react and engage with storytelling, and to tell a good story, you need visuals.  However, video needs to be done right to be effective.

Creative Moose can work with you to incorporate film into your Social Media Marketing Campaigns. We can offer training on how to use video more effectively, and at an affordable price for your business. Social Media Video Production is a fickle and tricky skill to get right. If you get it wrong, it is counter-productive.

Posting social media videos to your website

Websites are another great place to feature a short video. Web Design companies are starting to push Splash Page Videos as a new way to keep your audience interested in the website, and lower the bounce rate away from your homepage. Videos work well because they stir emotion and have the ability to paint your business/product as desirable.

Creative Moose can get you started with Social Media video production, and provide training on how to create compelling video for Social Media and Websites. Make your business stand out with Social Media Video Production from Creative Moose. We are local filmmakers who are based in Coffs Harbour, but have worked with companies in Sydney, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast. Our reputation for creating high-end corporate videos, as well as TV commercials and other film projects, has made us a highly sought-after agency.

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Wedding Video Coffs Harbour

Wedding Video Coffs Harbour – Cinematic Video Packages

Coffs Harbour is one of the most beautiful wedding destinations in Australia. Many brides travel from Sydney or Brisbane to host their wedding on the Mid North Coast, and with amazing white beaches and a multitude of resorts and locations to choose from, Coffs Harbour will continue to be a popular wedding destination for years to come. For a Wedding Video Coffs Harbour, Creative Moose is the artistic choice.

Creative Moose offers Wedding Video’s in multiple packages to suit every budget, because we believe video should be included in the capture of every wedding. Eventually Wedding Video’s will be as normal as Wedding Photography. And it needs to be. Videos can spark memories, capture wedding speeches and tell the story of your special day in a unique, stylistic way. Wedding Video Coffs Harbour, a cinematic and artistic approach to Wedding Videography.

Our wedding cinematography is professional and artistic. We love to create art, and to tell an emotional story. Coffs Harbour is a fantastic destination to get married, with plenty of options to choose from regarding venue’s, photographers etc. If you’re from out of town, we’re more than happy to travel as well. We can offer Newcastle Wedding Video right up to Brisbane Wedding Video’s.

For more information contact us today. Wedding Video Coffs Harbour – remember your special day with an artistic, professional video.

Creating TV Commercials in coffs harbour, Sydney, Brisbane & the Gold Coast

Hire Creative Moose to create an artistic, creative TV Commercial.

TV Commercials are a balancing act between selling a product/service and creating something that captures your audiences’ attention. Finding this balance is integral to the success of your Commercial. Creative Moose has the experience and expertise to deliver artistic, brand-driven content for TV.


We have a strong portfolio of successful campaigns that we have created stunning TV commercials for, and we can work with the station of your choice. From our Coffs Harbour location, we can offer our full services and creativity in advertising campaigns for companies across the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Sydney.

If you already know what you want, Creative Moose can work with you to create a production with the best Talent and Voice Narration for your video.

If you’re not sure of what you want, we can work with you and create a compelling script and storyboard that gets your message across in an artistic, creative way.

We offer Video Animation, Story-Driven Scripts and Productions, JPEG-Commercials and Full Scale Productions.


Based in Coffs Harbour, but thrilled to work with companies from Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and Sydney, Creative Moose are experienced videographers who have created exceptional digital video marketing campaigns. We have garnered a reputation for our commercial services, such as producing quality corporate videos and TV commercials. However, we are also sought after for our exceptional wedding videography and other film projects, working with clients across the area. If your business can benefit from unique TV commercials, get in touch with the team at Creative Moose. Get in contact with us by calling 0424 897 310.

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