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Newcastle Jets

Newcastle Jets In Coffs Harbour

The Newcastle Jets is one of Australia’s biggest Football (soccer) clubs. As part of Northern NSW Football’s efforts to extend the Jets’ into Northern NSW, the club organised to play one home game in Coffs Harbour for their 2017 season.

Moose was asked to film a Behind the Scenes video of their trip to the Coffs Coast. Part of the brief was to show what happens on a typical Newcastle Jets’ match day. The film follows spectators around as they participate in the different activities available pre-match, and it also shows the players in a relaxed and focussed mind set.

Newcastle won the match 2-1 against arguably the biggest club in Australia – Melbourne City – and their trip to Coffs is now remembered as a fantastic experience. The video tries to capture the excitement and thrill of the match, as well as the momentous occasion that it was for Coffs Harbour.

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