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New England Brewing Co.

Uralla. Think Sheep, Farmers, and Thunderbolt. The locals love the town and an outsider would probably ask why. But after an eight hour film shoot at the local brewery, we found it almost too easy to capture the romance of the town.

Creative Moose was asked to create a film that highlights the key features of the brewery. We sat down with Ben and Reid, and chatted about the origins of the beer, the town, and the “Wool Shed”. Of course we felt obliged to sample the product as we went, and we couldn’t fault it, no matter how many times we tried. But whilst the beer is great, it’s the culture that we fell in love with. New England Brewing Company is an international brewery plying it’s trade in the small, lovable town of Uralla, all whilst keeping a top quality product preservative free and unfiltered.

The end product: well, see for yourself.

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